God is good – updates on remodeling

Dear Everyone,

Here is an update on the remodeling. Things are going very well with the new construction for the step across the front of the platform. The guys have installed two floor pockets for the electrical similar to what we have for the sound system so cords and cables can be made less obvious. They have also made some safety upgrades to the electric and installed new breakers. For instance they have put a new GFCI outlet for the sump pump and rerouted some of the electrical outlets on the stage onto their own breaker. Plus they have added two outlets on the vertical ends of the stage which are hidden mostly and can be used when needed.

Because the carpet on the platform was coming up so well and was in good shape, we made a decision to take up the carpet on the platform entirely now before installing the floor pockets so we would not have to cut holes in it. This large piece of carpeting is rolled up and in the vestibule for anyone who wants it. The size is approximately 18X13 while making allowance for the shape of the platform. If you are interested in this, there will also be two more pieces of the same carpet that are under the organ and piano; these are approximately 8X5. They will probably not be available until the week of September 9.

Also, we on the church board have reconsidered taking the two pews out at this time. We are thinking that we were maybe too hasty in this and it could unnecessarily limit our seating capacity. This decision came about in part by observing the proximity of people in this past Sunday morning worship service. Thanks for understanding; sorry to have gotten any hopes up.

1) I am willing to help you as I can haul any of your “goodies” away from the leftover things in the basement and the vestibule.

2) The last day to get these things is this Friday-August 23. Saturday we will haul everything away.

3) We are looking for volunteers to help us on Sunday afternoon (time TBA) of September 8 to move pews, organ, piano and sound system to make ready for the carpet installation which will begin on Monday – September 9.

Thanks for being patient in all of this. Your great appreciation and the many, many compliments that you have shared have been a tremendous encouragement to the planning committee, the board and the guys doing the work. God has blessed us abundantly and this good gift he is giving us is going to be so wonderful. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Thanks so much.

Pastor Dave

The last day to get things is this Friday-August 23. Saturday we will haul everything that is left away.

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