How to find stuff on the blog

Here are six ways to find information on the blog.

  1. Surfing: Just surf and click your way around and explore.
  2. Archive menu at top: There is a drop-down menu at the very top of the home page that lists all the posts in order of date created or edited. Click any link to go directly to that post.
  3. Page links: Click on one of the page links to find information specific to the title of the page.
  4. Search box: There is a search box on the right just below the header. Type in a key word and search the entire site.
  5. Recent posts: Just below the search box is a listing of recent posts. Click any link to go directly to that post.
  6. Archive menu on the right side: There is another archive menu on the right side that will list the posts for a particular month. You will see the first one is “June 2013.” Click the month and then click any link to go directly to that post.

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