Announcements for August 18, 2019

Announcements for August 18:

  • Sunday Evening Service: Continuing in Psalm 1“a tree planted by streams of water” …
  • Next Sunday: Shaina Ascone will sharing an update of her work with Blessing Hearts Int. in our Sunday School hour.
  • September 1: No morning or evening services here. We will take part in the community service in Colchester.
  • September 12: Board meeting @ 7 pm. Upcoming board meetings: October 10 and November 14. Board minutes and financial reports available in the report holder on the south wall of the vestibule.
  • September 16: Men’s Study – Christian Beliefs @ 1 pm.
  • September 19: Ladies’ Bible Study @ 10 am.
  • Due to remodeling we have several items for giveaway on tables in the basement and on the west side of the vestibule. Please help yourselves. We will remove anything left after Friday, August 23. Also, we are removing two pews from the sanctuary to create more leg room. If you are interested in having one of these pews please speak with a board member.
  • October 6: Bible conference with Mark Smith, Director of Bible Tracts, Inc. Mark will be sharing with us in Sunday School and Morning Worship. After MW we will have a fellowship dinner, and then Mark will preach for us one more time after our dinner somewhere around 1:00 pm. Mark’s focus for the conference will be the letters to the churches in Revelation 2-3.
  • October 20: Barn service at Stan & Debbie Dixon’s @ 5 pm.

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