Hi Everyone,

You have probably already figured this out, but we are canceling all services tomorrow, January 15, 2017, at Faith Fellowship Church. No SS, no morning worship and no annual meeting. Everything will be pushed to next week, January 22, 2017.

Please be very careful. If you don’t have to get out, then don’t. If you absolutely need something, please call me or Steve or another board member and let us help.

See you next Sunday, Lord willing. 🙂



AUDIO for Sunday – January 8, 2017

REVELATION MESSAGE 12 – First Impressions
Revelation 4 


In the end it’s really all about the narrative.

  • A narrative is a spoken or written account of connected events—a story. A narrative can be fact or fiction, true or false, ultimate reality or fairy tale. In the book of Revelation the Apostle John is commissioned to write a narrative, a detailed, factual account, of everything that he saw. His job description was simple: write down what you see.
  • John was not to choose the when or where or what. He was only to obey Christ and faithfully report what he saw. And that is exactly what he did. In the book of Revelation John wrote “I saw” 35 times and “I looked” another 11 times. He saw, he looked, he wrote.
  • He was first told to write in 1:11 to the seven churches in Asia, and then he was given a general command to write in 1:19. All in all John was commanded to write 13 times.
  • Here is something interesting to note. John did not know what was going to happen next; he had no idea, no insider information. He wasn’t given an outline or an overview. He was merely along for the ride in a sense. Angels holding back the four winds of the earth … wasn’t on his radar. Riders on horses bringing worldwide catastrophes on the earth … didn’t see that one coming. Seals of judgment …  bowls of wrath … God unfolded the entire panorama before him, and his job was to write it down.
  • Which means with God directing the what and the when that we see in John’s writings exactly what God wants us to see and when he wants us to see it in the progression of the book. So what did God want us to see first? What did God want our first impression of heaven to be?

Sunday School tomorrow–YES!

Hi Everyone,

Yes, we do have Sunday School tomorrow at 9;30 AM.

Kerry received a phone call from Janis K. asking about Sunday School. Oops! Someone forgot to put it in the bulletin. I’ll give myself a talking to later. I guess the holidays got us; got past our normal hawk-eye proofreaders also.



STUDY SHEETS for Sunday – January 8, 2017

A narrative is a spoken or written account of connected events–a story. The Revelation of Jesus Christ begins with Christ commissioning John to write a narrative, a detailed account, of everything that he saw. John did not choose when, where or what. In fact, John chose nothing except to obey Christ and faithfully report what he saw.

And that is what he did. In Revelation in the ESV John wrote “I saw” 35 times (“then I saw” 13 times) and “I looked” another 11 times (“then I looked” 4 times).

  • (Revelation 1:1–2 NLT) This is a revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants the events that must soon take place. He sent an angel to present this revelation to his servant John, who faithfully reported everything he saw. This is his report of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.

It is very important to understand that everything we read in John’s account has been scripted to reveal Jesus Christ. The entire panorama that was unfolded before John–the scenes, the timing and placement of events, everything–was under the direction of God. John was not to give his perspective, or seek out a unique angle or pursue his own storyline.

His commissioning was simple and straightforward. Write down what he saw.

Message: “First Impressions”
Message Text: Revelation 4


AUDIO for Christmas Day Service 122516

Hello All,

This is a recording from the entire service for Christmas Day. I have been slow getting this online; various problems but as we say “it is what it is.” If your purpose is to revisit the service, or if you weren’t there and want to see what you missed, then it should serve well. It’s kind of a church family thing so nothing fancy, but was a great day so I hope you enjoy.




AUDIO for Sunday – January 1, 2017

The book of Revelation is the ultimate statement for
“when all is said and done.”


  • Why? Why did Christ command John to write it down and send it to the churches? Why this message in Revelation?
  • Because they needed to be ready!
  • Because after the thousands of years of earth history are wrapped up, after every word that will be spoken has been spoken, after every philosophy and religion and world view has been announced and expounded, after every opinion poll know to mankind has run its course, after all the deliberating and arguing and manipulating, the only thing that matters is: “Did we hear and obey the voice of God?
  • Christ commanded John to write to the churches to redirect them to their ultimate accountability before God.

REVELATION MESSAGE 11 – To the Church at Tennessee

Revelation 1-3 OVERVIEW