• SUNDAY AM: We began our Galatians study on July 9, 2017. Except for detours during the holiday season for Thanksgiving and Christmas, we will continue in Galatians into 2018. After Galatians, I am not sure which direction we will go. Please be praying.
  • After November 26 we will take a break from our Galatians study. We will resume the Galatians study on December 31, 2017 beginning at Galatians 5:1, Lord willing.
  • December 3: We will study 1 Corinthians 2.
  • December 10, 17 and 24: Christmas emphasis.
  • Sunday PM: We will begin a study in Ezekiel on October 29, 2017. We will also mix in various videos for the evening service. As soon as it is available, I hope to get Genesis: Paradise Lost. This is the new, illustrated Genesis movie. Should be excellent.


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