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Read God’s Word This Year!

Good Frosty Morning,

Tomorrow we begin a new year. I would encourage you to begin 2018 with a good Bible reading plan. Click this link and find and find four very good plans from a previous post. God’s word is God’s word; vital to our faithful and loving service to our Redeemer and Creator. So make that decision to read his “breathed out” words and begin 2018 in a way that honors him.

In this post I am also including a few Bible study links and recommendations. There are many excellent resources; I will highlight two for the web.

COMPUTER: MAC & WINDOWS__________________

Lumina by / Excellent free study resource

Step Bible by Tyndale House

MOBILE DEVICES_________________________________

There are many, many good mobile apps, but here I will bring our attention to my favorite and most used: Tecarta Bible for iOS and Android. The app is free and then you can add translations, study Bibles, commentaries, etc. as you please.

This app is very stable and easy to learn. I have another more powerful iOS app–Logos–but this is my “go-to” app for everyday use because it is fast and powerful.


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