AUDIO for Sunday AM – July 16, 2017

GALATIANS MESSAGE 2 – The Gospel That Paul Preached

Galatians 1-11-24


If the Apostle Paul were here this morning, would we listen to him?

  • Let’s say he is our guest speaker and his subject matter is the gospel, would we give him our full attention? Even more specifically, let’s say the great Apostle is here this morning, and he is very upset because several in our fellowship have turned to a different gospel which isn’t a gospel at all? Would we listen to him then?
  • That was exactly the occasion for his letter to the Galatians. How many we do not know, but there were enough people in the churches of Galatia that had embraced a false gospel that Paul felt the urgent need to confront them. They had turned away from the gospel that Paul had previously preached to them, the same gospel that they had received.
  • So if Paul were to visit us today, to preach to us in the context of the gospel versus false gospels, to teach us and rebuke us, would we listen?
  • The funny thing is, which really isn’t a funny thing, but a very powerful and compelling thought is that, yes, we can find out. We can know. We will find out this morning if we would listen to the Apostle Paul if he were here this morning because, in a sense, he is. We have his words. We have his clear, compelling account of the one true gospel—the gospel that Paul preached.


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