AUDIO for Sunday – June 18, 2017

REVELATION MESSAGE 29 – Revelation 21

Welcome Thirsty Conquerors



Who inherits the blessings of God in eternity? Or asking the question in another way—Who gets to live in heaven?

  • Over the centuries many people have staked their claim to the incredible inheritance of heaven and all the attendant blessings. To bolster their case they often present their moral standards and good lives. They sometimes even draw attention to mighty works done in the name of God and intense battles they have carried out against evil and oppression. Many have built beautiful churches, cathedrals, temples and shrines in the hope of establishing their place with God and his coming kingdom. 
  • But those people are not the ones that God identifies in our text today as the ones who receive his heritage.
  • So who are these people that God says he will come to live with and that he will dwell with them and be their God? Who is he speaking to when he says that he will wipe away every tear from their eyes and that he will forever remove the anguish of this world—the death and mourning and crying and pain of the former things?
  • Who will he welcome into his magnificent holy city Jerusalem? Just what sort of person is blessed to live in the city built by God himself—a city he built with precious jewels and pure, transparent gold; a city which has no need for the sun or moon to shine on it because it is illuminated by God himself?
  • Who are the people who inherit heaven? In today’s text they are identified in two specific ways. They are thirsty and they are conquerers.

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