STUDY SHEETS for Sunday – June 26, 2016

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  • They had sought moral autonomy, the power to decide what was right and wrong apart from God and his word. And all humanity has done this ever since. Henri Blocher writes: “The word implies the achievement of autonomy in a certain way. But only in a certain way, for the father of lies only ever speaks the truth by perverting it. In reality, the autonomy is illusory, a mere, pitiful aping of God.” Because God is sovereign, man’s supposed autonomy is an illusion. He cannot escape the lordship of God. “The crazy little god with his absurd pretensions is not God and never shall be. All he can do is die,” writes Blocher. [Hughes, R. K. (2004). Genesis: beginning and blessing (pp. 95–96). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books.]

Adam and Eve reached for divinity but instead found darkness because they sought to be like God against the command and will of God.

No wonder some call it the insanity of depravity.

“Yes, we want to be godlike” or some might say they want to be godly, except … except the godliness they pursue is in opposition to the written word of God.

But this is not a new scenario. This approach to wanting the things of God without bowing before God has its origins at the very beginning of human history.

Want to properly build a strong foundation for understanding sin and the gospel that God offers to deal with our sin? Then stick your nose in Genesis.

To God be the glory!

Message Title: Our Post-Eden World: Depraved!

Message Text: Genesis 3:13, 3:22-24


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