Creation Lectures / Dr. Donald Chittick on CD

  • Dr. Donald Chittick Lectures on Creationism. See Dave about getting a FREE CD. Excellent lectures on creationism. The information is very helpful and encouraging. Dr. Chittick is an excellent communicator. Nine lectures; about nine hours.
  • 1 Beliefs of Scientists – 46:01 / 2 Question of Origins – 53:40 / 3 Creation and Early Earth – 53:02 / 4 The Fall and Flood – 53:35 / 5 Genesis and Geology – 56:12 / 6 The Bible and Time – 1:00:00 / 7 Questions and Answers – 48:52 / 8 Ancient Man – 1:07:29 / Dinosaurs – 56:17
  • Donald E. Chittick holds a Ph. D. in Physical chemistry from Oregon State University, and has taught at the University of Puget Sound and George Fox College. A contributor to several books and periodicals, he has lectured on the creation / evolution topic throughout the past two decades, both in the United States and abroad. As an inventor, he holds several U.S. and foreign patents and is active in the area of alternative fuels.
  • At the side of many successful men there is a good woman. Donna is always there for Dr. Don.  At each meeting Donna can be found sitting quietly in the back of the church giving Dr. Don the prayer and support which makes his ministry so successful.
  • For more than thirty years, the Lord has granted the Chitticks the privilege of serving Him in the area of showing the total accuracy of the Holy Bible. Their ministry has centered around Bible and science questions, especially those related to the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis.
  • At first, Dr. Chittick lectured on creation/evolution topics on the side while he was employed full time as a university professor. Then the ministry opportunities grew rapidly. In 1980, Dr. Chittick resigned his full-time teaching position and began with the help of his wife, Donna, to devote full time to giving seminars.
  • The Puzzle of Ancient Man (New 3rd Edition!) by Donald E. Chittick, PhD $15.00. Popular culture has led us to believe that ancient man was primitive, originating from primates and steadily improving through a process of time and chance. But, does that agree with reality? What does the evidence left behind from past cultures tell us? Was ancient man simple and primitive as we have been taught, or did the level of science and technology existing thousands of years ago rival, or even surpass, the level of ours today in the 21st century?

    In this updated edition, Dr. Chittick examines more details of technology, evidence of ancient machine power, and optical technology possessed by ancient people. Come and examine with Dr. Chittick what the facts say about ancient man that have long gone unnoticed and often times ignored by today’s secular culture.

More Info Donald Chittick from Christian Answers …

  • Creationist
  • Physical chemist
  • Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Oregon State University (1960)
  • B.S. from Willamette University, Salem, Oregon (1954)
  • Author of The Puzzle of Ancient Man and The Controversy: Roots of the Creation-Evolution Conflict
  • Awards include Outstanding Educators of America, American Men and Women of Science, “Who’s Who in the West”
  • Holds several U.S. and foreign patents
  • Member: American Chemical Society
  • Seminar speaker on origins topics
  • Formerly associate professor of chemistry at the University of Puget Sound
  • Formerly chairman of the division of Natural Sciences at George Fox University in Oregon
  • Adjunct professor of chemistry at the Institute for Creation Research (since 1988)

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    Hello, I’m looking for Dave and hoping to get a CD of Dr. Chittick. Please let me know how I may get a copy!


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