STUDY SHEETS for Sunday October 25, 2015

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Hello All,

Another “wow” study in James. Can’t wait for Sunday.


As happens so often (all the time) when I study/preach through a book of the Bible, I got blasted away this week with the word of God’s truth–the Bible. The B-I-B–L-E is the “book” for me.

So often when we come to this place in James we immediately go to our comparison between only hearing the word and hearing and doing the word. However … in this we assume way too much.

Our faulty assumption, our miscue, is assuming that we are in fact hearing God. Follow me? We typically begin our discussion in verse 22–“be doers of the word.” But we cannot obey the words of God if we have not first heard him, or received his words. We sometimes mistake Bible study for hearing the voice of God or receiving his words. That may or may not be the case.

Look at James 1:19-21. We are given a method in our approach to the word of truth–quick to listen, slow to speak (voicing opinion), slow to anger. And James then outlines the necessity of dealing with our sin before receiving the word of truth–moral filth and rampant wickedness.

If we are not letting God clean the inside of the vessel, then we will not be able to receive his truth. Not someone else’s filth and evil, but ours.

So before we ever get to the issue of being a hearer and a doer, we need to make sure that we are first a hearer.

And then there’s the little matter of the tongue … Oh, boy! 🙂

Message Title: Pure Religion!

Message Text: James 1:19-27


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