STUDY SHEETS for Sunday August 23, 2015

gospel powered life drink more tea

Hello All,

Well, if you can believe it, this is our last message in our series on Romans. What a blessing this has been. I can remember thinking/praying about whether or not I was up to the challenge of this amazing letter in God’s holy word. Thankfully, I trusted God and moved ahead in sharing.

We have a Chinese friend who has a cure for all that might ail a person.

“Drink more tea.”

Cold … drink more tea. Sluggish … drink more tea. Discouraged … drink more tea..

So here is our cure-all as believers in Jesus Christ: “Have more gospel.” 

This is our strength, our only strength. Whatever ails you rest in the foundation of God’s hope and promise. “Have more gospel.”

This week it’s all about the gospel and the glory of God. We are to be gospel-powered saints, living by faith, enjoying the “ride” as we share the path with the only wise God.

Before him we fall down in worship. To him we give the glory. Nothing else is appropriate as he reveals his great plan for our lives with him.

And maybe even try our friend’s advice and … “Drink more tea.”


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