STUDY SHEETS for Sunday June 28, 2015

machine factory peace

Hello All,

Another rainy day in western Illinois. Been looking for some gopher wood. 🙂

Anyway …

Have you noticed just perchance how we as believers can see really clearly when someone else screws up but just do not seem to quite be able to identify our own faults and sins?

Nah! You probably haven’t noticed that, huh?

Or have you noticed the very, very clear instruction that God gives us as to how we relate to one another, how we handle disagreements, even what to do when we are angry with one another?

Okay here is where I am going with this thing.

How does a person expect God to produce righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit in their lives when they themselves only plant the seeds of war and discontent?

How is that we sometimes cultivate war and destruction in our relationships via our words and actions, often via gossip, but then we cannot understand why our lives are roiling in bitterness and discontent?

Looking again this week in chapter 14 of Romans we see that the Apostle Paul gives us a very clear course of action to follow when we disagree over matters of conscience. He directs us to a way of living that brings peace and righteousness and joy.

He directs us to a very solid plan to–amazing as this is–be part of his kingdom building process as we build up the people around us.

  • GIGO (gī′gō, gē′-) … (Computer Science) Acronym for garbage in, garbage out.

The kingdom of God is about righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit!

So what are we about? What direction have we taken? Are we sowing righteousness and peace and joy? Or are we sowing strife and discontent?

How do we know? Look at our lives? What is the product? The fruit? Pursue the things that make for peace and God blesses with righteousness and peace and joy. Fall to our selfish desires and contentions and expect discouragement and turmoil.

  • GIGO-> garbage in, garbage out.

machine factory war

Message Title: Pursue What Makes for Peace

Messsage Text: Romans 14:13-23

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