STUDY SHEETS for Sunday June 14, 2015

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We continue our study in Romans this week, and the Apostle Paul speaks to matters of conscience.

    –It will likely not surprise you if I informed you that Christians often do not get along with each other.
    But it may surprise you when you see the specific information the Bible has to help us avoid these disagreements. The plan is quite simple. Don’t make things holy that God does not make holy. Don’t judge or despise God’s servants. And, maybe above all, live NOW as followers of Jesus who are fully aware that we will stand before God to give an account of OUR lives.
    But it will probably not surprise you that as much as love God’s holy book the Bible, that we often do not choose to listen to God. As I said, the plan is quite simple, but people … not so much. We really struggle giving in to the sovereign care of God in matters that engulf us emotionally in the way these “hot topics” do.

We must have a clear picture of this moment in eternity in which we stand before God Most High. Not for fear, but for amazing joy and peace. Paul doesn’t write to us to scare us to death but to point us toward the tremendous blessing of trusting God in all things.

We are not going to be called to “the witness stand” to recollect someone else’s sins and shortcomings. We are going to stand before God to give an account of our lives. Picture the joy that we will share with our heavenly Father at that moment as he reveals tremendous “faith” highlights as we lived our life anticipating this amazing moment.

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