STUDY SHEETS for May 24, 2015

sticky note remember this Titus 3-1-2

Hello Everyone,

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you! We remember and we honor on this weekend.

Can I be a blessing to God and country?

More specifically … Can I be a blessing to God and to my country without compromising the truth of God’s word?

The answer is a “definite yes” but we must have a truly God-first, biblical approach to life.

Our text today in Titus 3 presents a life-style that transcends any government, society or culture and is pleasing in the sight of God. Do you want to be a blessing to the King of the universe and the government in which you live, then here is a “plan” for you.

Message Title: Remember This!

Message Text: Titus 3:1-11

sticky note pray like this 1 Timothy 2-1-3

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