Message MP3 for Sunday May 17, 2015


our government evil or God's servant

Is our government an evil with which to contend or God’s ordained servant?

Dear Friends,

So where are the battles that God would define? It is interesting to note our seeming obsession at times with government reform, but where might we go in Scripture to even find a solid reference to support this, let alone justify the time, resources and energy spent in battling the evil in government.

What we need to answer is this:

What does God say?

Not “what we say God says” but:

What does God say?

Not “this is how we believe” or “this is the evangelical voice” but:

What does God say?

On our relationship with our government he is very clear: submit to the governing authorities. Respect them. Honor them. God has put them in place for his purpose and plan. Our lack of submission, our dishonor, our disrespect all reflect a disobedient heart before God.

There is a kingdom of peace, quiet, godliness and dignity in which we can thrive, even under adverse government authority.

It begins here with the Word of God: Submit to the governing authorities.

Message Title: Governing Authorities: Servants of God

Message Text: Romans 13:1-7


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