MORE STUDY SHEETS for Sunday May 17, 2015

whose kingdom come whose will be done

Here is a question that is on the minds of many Christians, and, actually,
for many Christians this is not a question at all but a moral imperative.

–Should a Christian be involved in secular government?–

Hello Everyone,

Should we run for office? Should we support a right-wing agenda?
Should we lobby our legislative bodies of government? Etc. 

To some it is a non-issue, but to many people this is the “hot topic” of their lives.

But Romans 13:1-7 does not speak to our involvement in government but with our relationship to government, as do Matthew 22:15-22, John 18:33-36, 1 Timothy 2:1-3, Titus 3:1-11 and 1 Peter 2:13-17.

And since I am preaching through Romans this will be “the headline.”

  • (Romans 13:1–7 ESV) Let every person be subject to the governing authorities.

If I were to preach on our involvement in government, I would go to … Well, let’s see … Hmmmm …. Not sure where I would go. Seems to be a lack of direct communication “in the Bible” on this topic. Not that this often slows us down. 🙂

If I were to address the subject of civil disobedience, I would look at the Old Testament books of Daniel and Esther, but even there I believe the people pushing a right-wing “Christian” agenda would be disappointed if we look at what God actually says.

In these supplemental study sheets, I do give more background as to the historical, cultural setting for Paul’s instruction to us. Albert Barnes gives an excellent overview, and as always John MacArthur adds his insight which is always grounded in the Word of truth.

Here is a question that should have our attention:

Are my actions and attitude toward a leftist, liberal, gay [fill-in-the-blank] agenda
putting my mind and heart in opposition to God’s agenda?

And with the direction I have chosen in this matter:

Am I more or less secure and at peace in God’s sovereign and providential rule?

And one more:

Is my biblical/political stance yielding the fruit of a peaceful,
quiet, good, thankful, godly and dignified life pleasing to God?

PS Also decided this morning that we are going to spend two weeks in this and related texts. Next week is Memorial Day weekend, so it seems very appropriate.

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