Bulletin for Sunday – September 25, 2022

Hi Everyone,
Here is this week’s bulletin. You will notice that I have included the words of two of our songs in the bulletin. These are in the book but I wanted everyone to have these words in hand. What a treasure … what a blessing … we have in God’s word.
Pastor Dave

O Word Of God Incarnate—414

Verse 1: O Word of God incarnate, O wisdom from on high, O truth unchanged unchanging, O light of our dark sky, We praise Thee for the radiance, That from the hallowed page, A lantern to our footsteps, Shines on from age to age.

Verse 2: The Church from You, dear Master, Received the gift divine, And still that light is lifted, O’er all the earth to shine, It is the chart and compass, That o’er life’s surging sea, Amid the rocks and quicksands, Still guides, O Christ, to Thee.

Verse 3: O make the Church, dear Savior, A lamp of burnished gold, To bear before the nations, Your true light, as of old, O teach Your wandering pilgrims, By this their path to trace, Till clouds and darkness ended, They see You face to face.

CCLI Song # 2786410 / CCLI License # 3210183

Holy Bible, Book Divine — 412

Verse 1: Holy Bible, book divine, Precious treasure, thou art mine; Mine to tell me whence I came; Mine to teach me what I am.

Verse 2: Mine to chide me when I rove; Mine to show a Savior’s love; Mine thou art to guide and guard; Mine to punish or reward.

Verse 3: Mine to comfort in distress; Suffering in this wilderness; Mine to show, by living faith, Man can triumph over death.

Verse 4: Mine to tell of joys to come, And the rebel sinner’s doom; O thou Holy Bible book Divine, Precious treasure, thou art mine.

[Verse five is not in our hymnals.]

Verse 5: Holy Bible, God’s own Word; Tells of Jesus Christ the Lord; How He died for sinful men, How He rose and lives again.

CCLI Song # 7119973 – CCLI License # 3210183

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