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STUDY SHEETS for Sunday – April 29, 2018

The Doctrine of the Two Ways

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Larry Rickard





Larry Rickard



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Fruit de jour—JOY PEACE
Galatians 5-22-23



STUDY SHEETS for Sunday – April 15, 2018

Fruit de jour: Joy—Peace
Galatians 5:22-23

Don & Bev Roth – Missions Update – April 2018

Don & Bev Roth – Missions Update – April 2018

From recent email from Bev Roth:

I am in Mexico with our daughter Rachel for the birth of our first grandson, Liev. She is over due and will be at 42 weeks gestation tomorrow. My flight back home is on Friday afternoon. She’s emotionally ready for Liev’s birth, and anxious that things get started soon. I believe her doctor will want to intervene if her labor doesn’t start by tomorrow. I’ll be lucky now to meet Liev, if only for a few hours, before heading home, unless I change my flight. So, this is definitely an item for your prayers in that all goes well with her delivery and that any intervention be minimal.

Our son Josh and his wife Haruka are also expecting any time now as she will be at 38 weeks gestation tomorrow. She is in a higher risk category due to the fact that she only has one kidney. They just moved into a church in her hometown and are acting as caretakers and overseeing the Sunday morning worship services there. This is a lot of responsibility for them and their living conditions aren’t quite as comfortable because the building is 50 years old and not well insulated for the cold winters they have in Hakaido, Japan. Prayers for them during this time are appreciated.

I am working on my first New Testament typesetting project, on my own, so to speak. The details on the Mixtec language I am typesetting  can be found using the following link:

We are being blessed in the fact that Wycliffe Associate volunteers put us on their ‘to do’ list this year. They have been helping build homes for missionaries in Tucson at the Wycliffe Mexico Branch Center location now for quite a few years. When we moved to Tucson last year, in faith, we decided to put our name on the list for the building program. The family who was to be the recipients of a home this year had to postpone their plans, so that bumped us up on the list. About the time we put our name on the list, another volunteer approached us and asked if we could use some help financing our home building project. She and her husband have enabled us to start building by giving us a very low interest loan. So, in January the men started their magic and we now have our home well on it’s way to being finished. It’s an amazing story to see how the Lord is caring for us. At the same time, it’s an enormous step of faith to trust God for the debt we have just taken on. That being said, the home will be a major blessings and well worth the investment.

For our daughters Maria and Elizabeth as they each wrap up their school year in the next month or so. Maria has a lot on her mind as she is still looking for a summer internship. She is a junior at Calvin College and is studying business. She’s working and also been able to keep her grades up to be on the Deans List. We are thankful for her ambition, her kind and gentle spirit, and desire to serve the Lord with her career. Elizabeth is at a Christian school and has been blessed with new friends after making the difficult transition from Mexico to the U.S. She’s playing tennis on the school team which keeps her extra busy. She’ll turn 16 on May 7th and is excited that she’ll be driving before long.

Our daughter Diana and her husband Keith live in Elgin and are raising two young daughters, Sarah (5) and Emma (6 months). Both Diana and her husband have some special needs so we are always concerned for their well being.

Last but not least, we could use some extra prayer for Don who is going through some tough health issues, any prayer we receive covering him for healing and a complete recovery is most appreciated.

AUDIO for Sunday AM – April 8, 2018

What Happens When We Walk by the Spirit
Galatians 5:13-26