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STUDY SHEETS for Sunday April 26, 2015 …


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  • (Hebrews 11:10 NIV84) For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.

Hello to All,

May you be blessed this good day on the path of Jesus Son of God!

God is always amazing me. Praise him for his word of truth. Where would we be without his inspired, holy words to guide our lives?

In our Romans study for this Sunday we take the next step on God’s solid foundation to service and worship.

  • Note the Progression …
    Bow before God ➼ Now Hear God ➼ Renewed Mind ➼ Changed Life ➼ Know the Will of God by Real World Testing ➼ Ready to See Where the “New” Me Fits in God’s Plan.

Seeing the real you …

  • You do not see the “real” you (the “new” you) until you are bowed before the throne of God. When this happens, you will begin receiving a torrent of new “God information” which will absolutely change your life. Now things are clicking. Light bulb flickers, then shines brightly. Welcome to God’s world. Same planet, different view. Still on Earth but your horizon has expanded far beyond. Enjoy the view. You have finally arrived at a place where you will begin to see yourself as God sees you. You will begin to understand the works that he has crafted especially for you. You will begin to drink with great satisfaction the pleasure of your Father in Heaven.

Message Title: Thinking with Sober Judgment!

Message Text: Romans 12:3-8


measure is faith

Bluebird Workshop @ White Prairie on May 2 from 10 am until noon.

white prairie blue bird house

Bluebird Workshop @ White Prairie on May 2 from 10 am until noon.

  • Admission is free. Presentation and informational materials on Eastern Bluebirds and other cavity nesting birds. Bring your binoculars and camera and join the fun! Contact Gerald White for more info.

2015 Events at White Prairie

This prairie restoration project in western Illinois was seeded in June 2004 in a former 8-acre crop field.  The prairie is located at the private residence of Gerald and Mary Jane White south of Tennessee, Illinois

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STUDY SHEETS for Sunday April 19, 2015

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed the nice summer weather we had today. Yes. Grass cutting, working in the garden, walking, bicycling … 

Now on to this week’s study.

How do we know the will of God? How do we determine in our world the things that are good, acceptable, even perfect, in God’s eyes?

Today’s text in Romans 12:1-2 brings us to an exhortation to place ourselves in the best imaginable place in the universe. Before the throne of God in full acceptance. Bowed before God in all his holiness and righteousness and knowing that I am fully embraced by this mighty God.

So I do the only reasonable thing. I worship him and offer my life as a living sacrifice.

Do we understand what God offers us through his glorious gift of salvation? I come to this question again and again. We should be in such awe of God’s wondrous plan … How could we ever rebel? How could we ever stumble in our pettiness?

Here is an overview of Romans.

  • Doctrine/Theology: Romans 1-8
  • God’s Redemptive History: Romans 9-11
  • Practical Theology: Romans 12-16

Presenting our bodies as living sacrifices is a necessary step to making the most of our opportunity as believers in Jesus Christ.

  • Want to know the will of God? Be able to properly evaluate your own life? Overcome evil with good? Relate in a God-honoring way to our government? Have God’s priorities established in your life? And the list goes on …

Present yourself to God as a living sacrifice and watch God go to work in and through you.

Do you want to do more than talk about bringing glory to God? Then present yourself before God as a living sacrifice? Do not miss your opportunity while still on this fallen planet!

Hard to believe? God said it, not me.

Message Title: Living Sacrifices!

Message Text: Romans 12:1-2

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LaMoine Christian Service Camp Summer Camp Schedule

LaMoine Christian Service Camp & Retreat Center

Summer Camp 2015 Schedule

Date Event Name Grades* Start Time End Time Registration Fee / Early Price† Dean Register
Just for Girls 6th-8th Tue 4:00PM Fri 11:00AM $150.00 ($130.00) Sarah Churchill
Day Camp 1 1st-2nd Sat 9:00AM Sat 4:00PM FREE (FREE) Marsha Beddall
High Teen 10th-13th Sun 4:00PM Fri 11:00AM $210.00 ($190.00) Chris Cook
Overnighters 1 3rd Fri 5:30PM Sat 4:00PM $95.00 ($75.00) Mike Moore/Rachael Moore
Niners 9th Sun 4:00PM Fri 11:00AM $195.00 ($175.00) Gordon Blankenship/Jami Seggelke
First Chance 4th Sun 4:00PM Wed 11:00AM $130.00 ($110.00) Silas Steele
Overnighters 2 3rd Fri 5:30PM Sat 4:00PM $65.00 ($45.00) Rachael Moore/Shane Moore
Junior High 1 7th-8th Sun 4:00PM Fri 11:00AM $190.00 ($170.00) Tim Stoner/Doron Jones
Junior 1 5th-6th Sun 4:00PM Fri 11:00PM $190.00 ($170.00) Steven Boaz/Jason Triplett
Day Camp 2 1st-2nd Sat 9:00AM Sat 4:00PM FREE (FREE) Marcia Beddall
Junior High 2 7th-8th Sun 4:00PM Fri 11:00AM $190.00 ($170.00) Joel Grandon/Matt Myers
Junior 2 5th-6th Sun 4:00PM Thu 11:00AM $170.00 ($150.00) Terry Henry

* Grade entering in the fall
† Price if paid on or before early registration deadline – May 20, 2015.

© Copyright 2015 LaMoine Christian Service Camp & Retreat Center

STUDY SHEETS for Sunday April 12, 2015

globe gauge past finding out etc

Hello to You,

The gift of salvation that God has blessed us with is glorious. I know. Easy to throw that word around. Very religious sounding.

But also very true!

It is a very excellent and a very biblical word describing our salvation. Truly glorious is our salvation in Jesus Christ, as in the glory of God evident in all aspects. God wants to bring us to himself. Wow factor!

  • Not just keep us from hell.
  • Not just to have a perfect version of our earth life in heaven.
  • But bringing us to his glory.

Be amazed at our God!

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The Spring Sharathon for Good News Radio: April 15-16

The Spring Sharathon for Good News Radio

Wednesday & Thursday

April 15 – 16

  • Listen on KMDY 90.9-FM in Keokuk, WGNX 96.7-FM in Macomb, and 89.7-FM in Quincy.
  • Special guests, music, testimonies and contests will be part of the fun you will hear on the radio or by visiting the KMDY/WGNX Studio during Open House. The KMDY/WGNX Studio is in Carthage at 521 Main Street.

OPEN HOUSE: 6:30 am to 6:00 pm both days!