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STUDY SHEETS for Sunday November 2, 2014 …

green apple brown apple you choose the fruit

Hello All,

It’s about the fruit! It’s about the glory of God!

Paul teaches us this week (again) that we are not under the law, but there is so much confusion with this teaching. As we have been learning, not under the law does not mean not under anything. We are under grace, we are under a sovereign, loving God and that God has a plan and a purpose for grace–righteousness and life!

This week we see a beautiful result of a plant which is thriving in God’s grace–bearing fruit for God. What greater calling could there be but to bring God glory by bearing much fruit? See John 15:1-8 for details. 🙂

Message Title: We Belong to Christ to Bear Fruit for God!

Message Text: Romans 7:1-6

power on the new way Spirit orange green bolt

ALL POINTS BULLETIN – Time Change Sunday November 2, 2014 @ 2:00 a.m.

ALL POINTS BULLETIN – Time Change Sunday November 2, 2014 @ 2:00 a.m.

Dear Friends,

It is time to “fall back” this Sunday morning at 2 a.m. So set your alarm for 2:00 a.m. and then get up and move your clock back an hour to 1:00 a.m. Then … remember to turn your alarm off so you don’t wake up and set the clock back another hour. He-he! 🙂

Or you could just set the household clocks back one hour Saturday evening before going to bed. But what’s the fun in that? 🙂


Message MP3 for Sunday October 26, 2014

leaf green eternal life

Good Monday Morning,

Kerry tells me that the high temp for today is going to be 80 degrees. Will be great for our farmers as they harvest the corn and soybeans.

To what do we present ourselves? What an opportunity to every day of our lives present ourselves, our body parts, our hands and mouths and tongues and feet, our minds and hearts, to God for righteousness and life and service.

What opportunity to bring glory to God Most High!

Message Title: Having Become the Slaves of God!

Message Text: Romans 6:12-23

MP3: LESSON 15 Having Become the Slaves of God / Romans 6:12-23 / FFC / dave scott / 102614

cmon man under grace sin by no means



STUDY SHEETS for Sunday October 26, 2014

in Christ won war fight battle

Hello to All,

Hope you are having a great week in the presence of God Most High. More Romans this week. Did you know that our war is already won? God has won. Grace has won. And “in Christ” we have won. The victory is already counted in heaven. Now on to fight our battles with sin. In Christ we win over sin. The war is won and now on to the battlefield.

  • So, yes, we preach Christ crucified … to those who are called … Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.

Message Title: Having Become Slaves of God!

Message Text: Romans 6:12-23

professor best place in the universe






Relevant Web Sites:

How to Pack a Shoebox

SHOEBOX: Use an empty cardboard or plastic shoebox (average size). You can wrap the box, lid separately, but wrapping is not required.

BOY OR GIRL: Decide whether your gift will be for a boy or a girl, and the age category: 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14. Download and print the appropriate boy/girl label. Mark the correct age category and tape the label to the top of your box.

FILL WITH GIFTS: Fill the box with a variety of gifts that will bring delight to a child (see Gift Suggestions below).

INCLUDE $7 DONATION PER BOX: Help cover shipping and other costs related to delivering your shoeboxes to children overseas by donating $7 for each gift you prepare. You can give online to discover the destination of your box. Or, you can write a check to Samaritan’s Purse (note “OCC” on the memo line) and place it in an envelope on top of the items inside your shoebox. If you are preparing multiple gifts, please make one combined donation. Note: Follow Your Box is only available through online giving.

PRAY: Ask God to use your gifts to show His love to the child who will receive your shoebox.

DROP OFF:Place a rubber band around each closed shoebox and bring it to the drop-off location nearest you during National Collection Week, November 17–24, 2014. OUR DROP-OFF LOCATION IS “THE CROSSING” IN MACOMB. Dave will deliver.

Gift Suggestions————————————————————————————-

TOYS: Include items that children will immediately embrace such as dolls, toy cars, stuffed animals, kazoos, harmonicas, yo-yos, jump ropes, balls, toys that light up and make noise (with extra batteries), etc.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: pens, pencils and sharpeners, crayons, markers, notebooks, paper, solar calculators, coloring and picture books, etc.

NON-LIQUID HYGIENE ITEMS: toothbrushes, bar soap, combs, washcloths, etc.

ACCESSORIES: t-shirts, socks, hats, sunglasses, hair clips, jewelry, watches, flashlights (with extra batteries), etc.

A PERSONAL NOTE: You may enclose a note to the child and a photo of yourself or your family. If you include your name and address, the child may be able to write back.

DO NOT INCLUDE: Used or damaged items; war-related items such as toy guns, knives or military figures; chocolate or food; out-of-date candy; liquids or lotions; medications or vitamins; breakable items such as snow globes or glass containers; aerosol cans.

boy girl labels for SHOEBOX

STUDY SHEETS for Sunday October 19, 2014 …

boom baby die to self live to Christ

Good Day to All,

“How can we who died to sin still live in it?”

As Chris Carter,  HOF wide receiver via the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles, and now ESPN commentator, would say, “C’mon, man!”

Are we crazy? Choose death over life? But we do. Even as Christians, sometimes we choose the old way of death over new life in Christ. But God’s way is die to self and receive newness of life in Christ, not just to become a Christian but to keep becoming this beautiful work of a new creation that God began with our salvation.

Message Title: United in Death, United in Life!

Message Text: Romans 6:1-11

Schaeffer two historical points salvation