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STUDY SHEETS FOR Sunday July 27, 2014

Hello Everyone,

Romans as a possibility …
Months ago as I looked to my preaching calendar for this year, I thought of The Letter to the Romans as a possibility. As we have now begun that study, God has dramatically confirmed that decision in my heart and mind. He has also confirmed it as I see the excitement in which you have received the study.

Not an easy decision …
But I didn’t make this decision easily. Much thought and much prayer. Part of my hesitation was the difficulty of some parts of Romans – election, foreknowledge, vessels prepared for destruction, etc. Honestly, it was a little intimidating.

Until …
Until I realized that God only calls me to be faithful to the task. Most of Romans – such as this Sunday’s study in Romans 1:16-17 – is very clear and amazingly powerful. As for the difficult texts, well, God took the pressure off when I realized that I don’t have to have all the answers. No one else does. In fact, I thought of how prideful I would be to think that I could tie together all the theological loose ends that godly men, dedicated scholars, have not been able to do for generations.

Explosions …
Getting to my point, I do not believe I have ever had a time as inspired and called as I am now in my preparation and eagerness for presentation as I have since taking this step of faith toward Romans. If you hear any explosions coming from the western prairies of Illinois, it may be me sitting before God learning these truths “all over again for the first time.”

Amazement …
God continually amazes me. I know part of this is because of my recent trial with the bike wreck, and I believe God is going to do deep things in my life because of that. But this began early on as I humbled myself before God and received this stewardship to preach through Romans. God is great and greatly to be praise.

So here are this week’s study sheets. Lord willing I will have the message MP3 posted no later than Tuesday next week.


Message Title: Not Ashamed of the Gospel!

Message Text: Romans 1:16-17

*A note on my numbering system for the study sheets. I plan to put all the study sheets and probably message notes also together in book form when I am finished. So everything will be number as such 1, 2, 3 … or PDF 1, PDF 2, PDF 3, etc.


I’m back … and STUDY SHEETS for July 20, 2014

Hello to All,

Some of you know, and some of you do not. I have been “missing in action” for the last several weeks as I crashed my bicycle on June 8 and have since undergone two surgeries on my hip. Not a pleasant thing. In fact, possibly the most trying time of my life.

I am now (finally) in recovery mode. Lord willing I will begin walking again in September and will regain full use of my right leg. Currently I am on a “toe-touch” restriction. No weight on my right leg until about the second week of September. The doctor says that I will even be able to ride my super cool Trek Domane road bike again. That is, once I get it into the bike shop for minor repairs from the crash.

I have been gone from church since June 1. I attended last Sunday morning and will resume our Romans study this Sunday July 20. God is God is what I learn over and over. And … people are people.

The Letter to the Romans is amazing. You possibly are like me and already knew that, but I am learning it “for the first time all over again” as the expression goes. This week I will preach the message that I had scheduled for June 8 with God’s revisions. 🙂

Message Title: The Obedience of Faith: The Blessing of Believing & Obeying God!

Message Text: Romans 1:5-15 & Selected Passages

Here are our study sheets.

Praise be to our God who is high and holy and offers to share his righteousness with sinners through salvation in Jesus Christ!

Praise be to this same God who makes weaklings like me and you his ambassadors to share this amazing message of God’s love and righteousness!

Praise Him! Praise Him! Tell of his excellent greatness!