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AUDIO from Good Friday Service

FFC Choir
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

Knowing the Necessary Preparation for Service
Selected Texts




Sunrise service location in the morning …

Hello Everyone,

You may be wondering what we are going to do in the morning with the bad weather moving in. Well, join the crowd. So are we. 🙂

I have talked to Steve, and we would like to have our sunrise service at the park if possible. If we have rain or ice, then we will very likely go to the church for the service. But even if we do not have precipitation in some form, it will still probably be very cold. Early in the morning like that we would hope that the wind would not be a factor. So we are going to meet at the park and then decide. Your prayers concerning this are appreciated. If any of you have the wisdom of Solomon on the matter, please give Steve a call. 🙂


Pastor Dave

Good Friday Service @ 6:30 pm

Failure:   (Sometimes Is) The Front Door to Success

  • Erwin Lutzer wrote a very good book many years ago titled “Failure: The Back Door to Success.” But sometimes, biblically speaking, failure not only brings spiritual success through the back door but also through the front door. In fact it is absolutely necessary for us to experience the failure of our human efforts before God can truly use us in his kingdom.

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder for our Good Friday service on March 30, 2018 @ 6:30 pm.

Also, I have attached two study/Scripture sheets for our service.

Pastor Dave 

AUDIO for Sunday AM – March 25, 2018

Knowing the Season of Our Visitation
Luke 19:28-44




STUDY SHEETS for Sunday PM – March 25

Brother, Sister or Adversary?
A Clear, Biblical Path to Loving Christ
and One Another in the Midst of Conflict

Matthew 18:15-17 / Ephesians 4:25-27 / Leviticus 19:15-18


Excerpt from the Pulpit Commentary by the Very Reverend Henry Donald Maurice Spence

Excerpt from the Pulpit Commentary
by the Very Reverend Henry Donald Maurice Spence

  • Better be numbered among the simple-hearted who can appreciate the Divine than among the wise and learned who misread the providence of God, and stand sullen and silent while everything is inviting to joy and praise. Better be the ignorant cottager whose heart is full of reverence, or the little child who has the songs of Zion on his lips and the love of Jesus in his heart, than the learned critic who never bends the knee or bows the heart in homage to the true and the eternal.

(Oops. Just realized that I had not given H.D.M. Spence credit on the online illustration.)