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Hi – I’m reading “Spurgeon’s Commentary On The Whole Bible: Spurgeon’s Bible Commentaries” by Charles H. Spurgeon and wanted to share this quote with you.

  • So that he was eighty years of age when he really began his great lifework. Perhaps, as a rule, the larger part of our time is occupied in getting ready to work. Yet, if we are able to perform a word as good as that which Moses did, it will well repay us for a long season of preparation.

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Audio for Sunday December 27, 2015 … AM & PM …

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Hello All,

Here is the audio (MP3 & WMA) for both services on Sunday.




WMA: Forgiveness : Ephesians 4-32 and selected : ffc : dave scott : 122715 AM

Do you want to walk with God?

    • I am not speaking of a mere theological concept or some plan to put your life back together. Neither am I speaking of theory concerning our position and place before God.
    • I am asking you if you want to walk with God, as in walking with God Most High, Sovereign Lord of the universe. Walking with God now. Not waiting for heaven to share the path. Walking now in his abundance knowing that you can trust God for everything and more.
    • That God is present in your life in great assurance and power and a never-ending, over the top abundance of love and grace.
    • You know that God is in the room. That he answers your prayers, carries your heartaches to the holiest place in heaven. Shares your joy of life.
    • “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” That kind of walking with God.
    • Walking with God as being filled with the Spirit of God, tipsy and giggly and surprised with the amazing goodness of God. That’s what I’m talking about.
    • Do you want to walk with God? Experiencing heights of peace and satisfaction and significance and joy that you have no business being a part of except that through Jesus Christ God has made you a part of these things as he has brought you from darkness into his marvelous light?
    • Do you want to walk with God?
    • Doesn’t it make sense then, that if we want to walk with God, then we must follow God? Imitate him. For example, if we want to walk with God and God teaches us the way to forgive, shouldn’t we follow him on that way … if we want to walk with God?




WMA: Stephen-Unconquerable Joy : Acts 6-7 : ffc : dave scott : 122715 PM

How did Stephen do it?

    • Faithfulness and devotion that even hatred, brutality and murder could not diminish.
    • So how did he do it? He was for the truth. He lived the truth. He spoke the truth. He was willing to die for the truth.
    • He knew that the “truth battle” was bigger than himself, that the “truth battle” was nothing new, had been ongoing for centuries.
    • He knew that this battle extended beyond his generation, his time, and beyond his world, the Earth.
    • He knew the the “truth battle” was not his battle, but God’s.
    • So how did Stephen get to this place in his life where he was able to forgive the people who were in the very act of murdering him?
    • How did he see beyond the immediate conflict?

STUDY SHEETS for Sunday December 27, 2015

what happens inside heart gear two people

Well hello to everyone!

This is the last Sunday in 2015. Is it really possible that in just a few days, we will be writing “2016” on our letters, memos, reports, college research papers, etc.?

The nitty-gritty … Okay, now with the niceties out of the way, let me get down to the nitty-gritty. Do you ever wonder at the craziness and absurdity and downright weirdness that is sometimes evident in the fellowship of Jesus Christ?

Let me be more specific … The craziness concerning forgiveness.

  • An Overview of the Problem: God in his Bible teaches us to forgive one another as God in Christ forgave us. Many don’t do this. Many more accept the disobedience of the first group as okay.

How in the world do we justify, as members of the body of Christ, our unwillingness to forgive? And don’t pretend that you haven’t run into this in your life and in your local fellowship.

Forgiveness in the Christian faith, forgiveness of sins, is kind of important, right? I mean, if we as the Church are about anything, shouldn’t we be “about” forgiveness?

And, yet, many of us mightily struggle with forgiveness as taught by God in his holy book the Bible.

  • (Ephesians 4:32 ESV) Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

And … not only do many struggle with this, but just as bewilderingly, many others accept this lack of forgiveness from the “good Christian people” who are their brothers and sisters in Christ. Indeed in the Church, in our local fellowships, we “turn a blind eye” to the flagrant disobedience of this pillar of our faith.


Why do we do this? Here are a few reasons.

  1. We don’t want to be “the bad guy.”
  2. Downplaying this sin is very acceptable in Bible-believing churches.
  3. We do not understand what truly goes on when we refuse to forgive as God teaches us to.
  4. We do not study/research the topic because we don’t want to know because then we might have to do something about it. (See #1 above.)
  5. Also, something about those living in glass houses … We don’t want to get our own house in order.

So why should we address this problem?

  1. God teaches us how to forgive in the Bible.
  2. Many are disobeying God when it comes to this very clear teaching.
  3. We are weak because of our disobedience and inattention to this sin.
  4. Those who are being disobedient in this way are responsible for their actions, but we as a fellowship are also responsible.
  5. We need to teach that walking with God is better than walking in disobedience no matter how sticky the conversations may become.
  6. We are not faithful to our brothers and sisters in Christ if we do not help them understand what is going on inside their lives when they rebel against God in this way.
  7. Etc, etc. I don’t have time to write a book here. Got it?

Message Title: Forgiveness!

Message Text: Ephesians 4:32 & Selected


Ephesians 4-32

God’s Word: Learn It, Live It, Love It! PDF version



I have finished God’s Word. Yay! This work has exceeded my expectations so I am anxious to see what God might do with it. The link below will connect you with a PDF version of the book. I would appreciate any proof reading help. Let me know if you find anything. Thanks. And let me know what you think in general.

I have sent a proof copy to be printed and should have that back next week. Looks like the cost of the book when everything is ready will be about $10.

Audio for Sunday December 13, 2015

middle eastern women Rahab Tamar etc

God’s plan of salvation is a grace plan.

God’s plan of salvation is a holy plan.

God’s plan of salvation calls us to faithfulness and courage.

Message Title: Grace & the Grandmothers of Jesus Messiah!

Message Text: Matthew 1

MP3: Grace and the Grandmothers of Jesus Messiah : Matthew 1 : ffc : dave scott : 121315 AM MESSAGE

WMA: Grace and the Grandmothers of Jesus Messiah : Matthew 1 : ffc : dave scott : 121315 AM MESSAGE

STUDY SHEETS for Sunday December 13, 2015

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Matthew begins his gospel with these words: “The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.”

He is the only gospel writer to begin in this way. In fact, of the others, only Luke (chapter three) has a genealogy of Christ but NO women are mentioned. Mark starts in Isaiah. Luke begins in the days of Herod. John begins “in the beginning” referring to what we call eternity past.

And in this genealogy that Matthew gives us, this God-inspired account of the family tree of Jesus Christ, only five women are mentioned. Four of these women—Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba—are enveloped in stories of sex, power, position and intrigue.

No “good girls” mentioned except Mary, the young virgin who was the mother of Jesus. No Sarah, no Rebecca, no Rachel. Why?

Why would God put his list together in this way? And it was intentional. God doesn’t waste words. He has a purpose. So this morning we ask, Why?

Message Title: Grace & the Grandmothers of Jesus Christ!

Message Text: Matthew 1