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Love God, Love Your Neighbor preaching schedule

I will be preaching a Love God, Love Your Neighbor series for the Sundays in January 2015 in the morning service.

We will, Lord willing, resume our Romans study on February 1, 2015.

First Love, First Doctrine Revelation 2:1-7, Mark 12:28-34 01-04-15
Second Love, Second Doctrine Matthew 22:34-40 01-11-15
Love Your Enemies Luke 6:27-36 01-18-15
Perfect Love 1 John 4:7-18 01-25-15
The Children of the Promise Romans 9:1-13 02-01-15

Choir Songs from CHRISTMAS 2014


Angels choirHi All,

Sorry I am slow. Still recovering from the bug. Here are three of our songs from last week. So sorry I didn’t get the others recorded. Wasn’t myself as was obvious.

Saying that however … How beautiful you sound! Wow! I am so proud of you and happy for you. I love serving with you as fellow worship ministers and servants of Jesus Christ.

From our Christmas service on December 21, 2014.

Our three “medley” songs are together on this MP3.

Silent Night / Away in a Manger / What Child Is This?

Preaching Schedule for EVENING SERVICE Psalms study …



PSALMS PM study Faith Fellowship Church TEXT DATE
O LORD, How Majestic Is Your Name! Psalm 8 12-28-14
Why Do You Hide Yourself in Times of Trouble? Psalm 10 01-04-15
If the Foundations Are Destroyed … ? Psalm 11 01-11-15
How Long, O LORD? Psalm 13 01-18-15
The Fool Says in His Heart … Psalm 14 01-25-15
Who Shall Dwell on Your Holy Hill? Psalm 15 02-01-15
You Make Known to Me the Path of Life! Psalm 16 02-08-15
Mark Smith, Bible Tracts, Inc. TBA 02-15-15
The LORD Is My Rock! Psalm 18 02-22-15
TJ Lemons, Campus Crusade for Christ TBA 03-01-15
The Heavens Declare the Glory of God! Psalm 19 03-08-15
The LORD Is My Shepherd! Psalm 23 03-15-15
The LORD Is My Light and My Salvation! Psalm 27 03-22-15
Blessed Is the One Whose Sin Is Forgiven! Psalm 32 03-29-15
Easter Sunday TBA 04-05-15
God’s Love Extends to the Heavens! Psalm 36 04-12-15
Don’t Fret Over Evildoers! Psalm 37:1-20 04-19-15
The Wicked Versus the Righteous! Psalm 37:21-40 04-26-15

STUDY SHEETS FOR Sunday December 28, 2014 …



Hello All,

Forgiveness! Do you ever wonder why we as Christians struggle with forgiveness the way we do? Forgiving others … Allowing God to forgive us … ?

Do we realize what forgiveness is? What it means?

Try this on for size. Forgiveness means “right with God.” Right with God. Are you following me? Right with the Supreme, Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe. Right with God Most High. Totally fitting into God’s holy plan and purpose.

The “Consuming Fire” has welcomed us with outstretched arms to his family.

Message Title: Forgiveness … Right with God!

Message Text: Psalm 32:1, Luke 7:36-50 & Selected Texts


unforgiven landscape

Message MP3 for Sunday December 14, 2014

more than conquerors 3d men

  • Leon Morris … When Paul goes on to ask, who can be against us? he does not mean that the Christian has no opponents. His entire correspondence is eloquent of the foes the Christian encounters constantly. He means that with God “for us” it makes not the slightest particle of difference who is against us. No foe can prevail against people who are supported by a God like that. The Christian’s confidence is in God, not in anything he himself does, and for all eternity he can rely on God’s gift. [1] Morris, L. (1988). The Epistle to the Romans (p. 335). Grand Rapids, MI; Leicester, England: W.B. Eerdmans; Inter-Varsity Press.

Message Title: If God Is for Us …

Message Text: Romans 8:31-39

MP3: LESSON 21 If God Is for Us : Romans 8:31-39 : FFC : dave scott : 121414

God so loved globe people